the Moolchand Group

The Moolchand Group is based on the simple premise that it is the duty of business leaders to broadly share their prosperity, create a better world and set ethical standards that inspire others.

In existence since 1879, the Moolchand Group has won the trust and goodwill of its customers, partners and the broader community by consistently demonstrating good old-fashioned values and excellence in our endeavours.

the Moolchand Trust

Historically the Moolchand Trust has been funded from the profits of the Moolchand Group in keeping with their philosophy of helping to create a better world.  Moolchand’s values and focus of helping others is a testimony to the extraordinary courage and care of its past leaders.

The Moolchand Trust was created in 1928 at Lahore, present day Pakistan with an initial endowment of Rs. 4 million.  A bequest equivalent to the profits of India's largest industrial group (Tata's) 20 years later! The Moolchand Trust is differentiated through an unmatched legacy of Seva; touching millions of lives spanning 80+ years.

Our philanthropic endeavours encompass healthcare services, education and soup kitchens amongst others.

Moolchand Healthcare

Moolchand Healthcare has been one of India's premier healthcare service providers for over 50 years.  For Moolchand, healthcare is not a business, but a vehicle to make a difference.  Our tradition of care, compassion and excellence has made Moolchand the trusted healthcare partner of patients across the globe.

Moolchand Fertility & IVF, an initiative of Moolchand Healthcare, has a distinctive advantage of internationally trained physicians, world-class infrastructure, cutting edge technology, high success rate and clinical excellence.  Focused on providing world-class fertility treatments, Moolchand Fertility & IVF brings to you comprehensive services and plethora of experience.

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