why Moolchand

for medical professionals

At Moolchand we understand that physicians enjoy a special bond with patients and are intrinsic to creating institutions of pre-eminence. We recognize that physicians have special needs. We aspire to creating enduring partnerships with physicians based on a foundation of values, trust and collaboration. The Moolchand physician experience goes beyond name brand recognition, world class infrastructure, robust processes and systems, superior management support. We respect your individuality and personal goals by offering a tailored engagement model based on your needs.

Our supportive approach has helped us create many enduring partnerships. It is no surprise that many leading physicians have spent their entire career as a part of the Moolchand family.

our value proposition for talent

We believe people are central to our aspiration of creating a global healthcare leader. The best and brightest come to Moolchand to create impact. They stay on because of the relationships they create and a sense of belonging to the Moolchand family. We provide our employees with a safety net and believe in establishing long term relationships with them.

After extensive research and global benchmarking, we have developed a compelling value proposition for talent. Key elements of the Moolchand value proposition for talent are outlined below:

  • excellent quality of work
  • future growth/development opportunities
  • enabling environment
  • inspiration/values
  • competitive tangible rewards
  • supporting you