international guest care centre

Our international guest care centre assists 10,000+ international patients annually. The team has expertise in handling the needs of international patients starting from coordinating for your medical and personal needs prior to your arrival, during your stay and upon discharge. We assist you in consultation, diagnosis and medical procedures appointment, follow up visits and medical second opinions. We are happy to help you!

travel coordination

If you need any help in coordinating your travel plan, we assist you and your family with all travel arrangements to and within India. We support medical visa applications, scheduling and confirming airline and hotel reservations.

communication essentials

If you do not speak english fluently please let us know ahead of time so we can assist you in obtaining a translator. Interpreters help you communicate with our physicians and staff. They help you translate medical records and other information.

financial transaction assistance

Once our specialist has reviewed your medical records, our coordinator will provide you with advance estimates for all costs. Our staff will help you handle deposits and assist you with other financial matters before, during, and after your visit.


We have arrangements with several hotels in close proximity to the centre. They range from fine budget, economy to luxury hotels. We have tie ups with many such hotels and extend special corporate rates offered by them to our patients. You may choose to book your accommodation through us as per your individual needs

reproductive attorney

We have a team of legal advisors who help you draft a legal contract entailing all necessary arrangements (including financials, number of embryos to be inseminated, medical screening for STD's and other genetic diseases or infections, termination/continuation of pregnancy if fetal abnormalities are detected, parentage of the baby, etc) before we commence the treatment.

food and beverage services

Within 200 meters of the centre there exists a full range of restaurants catering to all tastes and budgets. These include Arabic, Continental, Thai, Chinese, fast food, Indian, and many more dining facilities. Most of these outlets also directly deliver to your room.

leisure trips

While your medical treatment is on, you can plan a short leisure trip with the help of our authorized and approved tour guides and tour operators.

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