treatment journey

The roller coaster ride of infertility often takes you to various fertility clinics in your quest to becoming parents. There is a lot of anxiety associated with such visits. You may not be certain about what to expect. With us, you put your future parenting hopes and dreams into our hands. Read below to navigate through your treatment journey at Moolchand.

contact program coordinator

We strive to provide clear and comprehensive information to you so that you participate and make well-informed decisions about your investigations and treatment. The first step to Moolchand Fertility & IVF is to contact our program coordinator either via email or phone to schedule an appointment.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: +91 99589 97293

make an appointment

Once you contact our coordinator we'll make a suitable appointment for you and your partner with our fertility team. Please let us know if you would like to have us arrange an interpreter present for your appointment.

be prepared

One of the most important things you need to do on your first visit is to bring all of your medical records. This will provide our fertility team with valuable baseline information on your medical history, surgeries, medications, lab reports, and any previous testing or ultrasounds that were done. Have complete information on your menstrual cycle. Bring your partner and all of his records as well. Knowing relevant family history is also useful.

first visit- initial workup consultation

At your initial consultation our specialist will evaluate your medical, surgical and family histories to understand your condition well. This is a counseling session with our specialist to help you get answers to all your queries about the problem and possible treatments. Use the consultation time to get as much information as possible.

Our team reviews the medical information available with you. If the records you bring are comprehensive and recent, you may not need any additional tests. If not, then depending on the team's recommendations, your may need to carry out investigations before starting treatment such as an examination of the inside of your womb, an ultrasound scan of your womb, ovaries and pelvic organs or an analysis of certain hormone levels. For your partner semen analysis may be performed.

Following this visit, we will be able to plan the most appropriate treatment for you. Once you and our specialists decide which treatment is best suitable to you, our coordinator will explain in detail what to expect, what to do, what your treatment cycle involves. You can discuss in detail all aspects of our program, including cost, selection process, medical procedures, and legal issues. We believe this consultation will provide you with the necessary information, for you to make an informed decision about the right fertility treatment for you. You can clear all your queries regarding the steps ahead and can also have a tour of our centre. Part of this process involves a careful explanation of the costs involved with your cycle. We can then get started as soon as you're ready. Our fertility specialist will oversee your care, in addition to the ongoing personal attention you'll get from an appointed Program Coordinator throughout the treatment.

registration and next steps

You can register yourself for either an in-person or telephone consultation with our reproductive specialists. The Program Coordinator designates a Patient Shepherd who reviews all medication protocols, synchronizes outside monitoring, and facilitates communication amongst you and our team.

Fertility treatments require careful monitoring by serial ultrasound and blood tests. All procedures can be performed at our centre but if you prefer to shorten your stay in India, you can arrange to have the initial testing done at an IVF centre close to your home. All outside test results are interpreted by one of our physicians and medications for the cycle can be obtained locally. All procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art operating suite by our experienced physicians.

Once you choose to move forward with us in your fertility treatment, you can register yourself for our program and pay our initial fees. You can then let the Patient Coordinator know of your preferences. Based on your requirements, we will share a few profiles from our comprehensive database.

periodic updates

We advise you to stay in close contact with us once you are back home. In case, you choose the surrogacy program, the Program Coordinator will provide you periodic updates about the selected surrogate mother such as:

  • her immunization schedule
  • her medical check up reports
  • her ultrasound reports
  • monthly photos of her belly

second trip

Congratulations! This trip is for the birth of your baby. We recommend you arrive one week prior to birth (earlier if twins) and expect to remain here for approximately two weeks after your baby has arrived. We hand over your bundle of joy! As you are a new mother, our team helps you in explaining how to take care of your baby and other important information. We assist you in obtaining a birth certificate and a passport for your baby of your nationality.

payment options

It is our endeavour to make the billing process as easy as possible for you. We offer you multiple payment options. You can choose to pay for your treatment by:

  • cash
  • bank telegraphic transfer
  • debit card
  • credit card (2% surcharge is applicable)
  • demand draft/pay order (we do not accept personal cheques)
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